On the last Saturday in February, at Modern’s Annual Shareholder Meeting, an election is held for open Board of Directors positions. In 2022, two three-year board position are open for election. These positions are currently held by Vice President Barry Baker and Director Chuck Taes. Both directors are running for re-election.

Modern’s directors do more than just attending monthly meetings. Directors must learn about complicated issues in both the energy and water business. They face the difficult challenges in providing affordable and reliable power and water services. As the company’s stewards, they create a long-term plan for the sustainability of the utility. These positions hold great responsibilities; directors look out for the best interest of all Modern’s customers, employees, and their local community.

If you own property in Modern’s service territory and if you are interested in applying for one of the open board positions, please click here ane complete the Candidate Eligibility Form by noon on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021.

Please note, nominees will be required to show proof of legal ownership of property in Modern’s service territory and retain property ownership for their entire term in office.